With the support of Beyond Ratings, Garance (ex–MNRA) obtains a special mention within the framework of the international Price of the best climatic reporting of the investors

- Sep 05 2018

With the support of Beyond Ratings, Garance (ex–MNRA) obtains a special mention within the framework of the international Price of the best climatic reporting of the investors

On October 28, 2016 the International Prize for the Best Climate Reporting by Investors was awarded. By leveraging the analysis conducted by Beyond Ratings, MNRA received a special mention for the quality of its reporting and the innovative nature of its approach, particularly for the treatment of sovereign assets.

Organized by the Office of the Commissioner General for Sustainable Development and the 2 ° Investing Initiative, the prize was awarded at a ceremony chaired by Ms. Ségolène Royal at the OECD, which was also attended by Mr. Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD.

This prize was part of the French energy transition law for green growth (Article 173-VI). This law requires investors, starting from 2017, to publish information on their contribution to climate objectives and financial risks associated with the energy and ecological transition.

The jury was composed of 15 people and 6 international observers divided into 4 colleges: public administrations, parliamentarians, investor groups and NGOs. At the award ceremony, Ms. Ségolène Royal congratulated “the laureates who have boldly applied, and have often made the effort to innovate.”

This project is part of the general objective of mobilizing financial market players in the fight against climate change and, more generally, for the benefit of the energy and ecological transition.

The services of Beyond Ratings allowed MNRA to quickly develop a state-of-the-art analysis of the sovereign part of its investments, both in terms of the coherence of investments with climate objectives, and the exposure of its assets to climate risks. In 2016, Beyond Ratings helped French and foreign institutional investors managing more than 75 billion sovereign assets in assessing the energy and climate challenges of their investment portfolios.

The development of simple, all-encompassing and innovative methods to provide increased appreciation of Sovereign risks is at the heart our business at Beyond Ratings. On the occasion of the Best Climate Reporting Award, we are delighted by MNRA’s success as well as the mobilization of many French and international investors in favour of a better consideration of these issues.

Beyond Ratings is an independent research and financial services company founded in 2014. As a young innovative company, we offer our clients risk analysis, financial engineering and reporting services, and are dedicated to sovereign and similar assets.

For further informations :

The report published by the MNRA can be consulted at the following link : Download the report

A propos :

Beyond Ratings is an independent Macro-financial risk services company dedicated to country and Sovereign risks. Our team of experts and analysts builds on our proprietary risk methodology and advanced indicators. We assess countries wealth, monitor their economic and financial performance and resilience to global risks, such as energy prices and climate change. Our clients use our services for risk management, investment advisory, financial engineering and reporting requirements. Our clients are pension funds, asset managers, infrastructure funds, development banks, commercial banks and insurers.


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Sylvain Château, COO, 09 86 27 575 7

Guillaume Emin, Project Manager, 09 86 27 57 57


Créée voici 30 ans par les professionnels indépendants, la MNRA est, en chiffre d’affaires, la première mutuelle de France pour la retraite Madelin des indépendants. Avec près de 300 000 adhérents et 400 000 contrats en portefeuille, la MNRA propose aussi aux dirigeants d’entreprise, à leur conjoint, aux salariés  et  retraités du secteur une gamme complète de garanties de prévoyance et de complémentaire santé, ainsi qu’un conseil personnalisé et des services d’accompagnement sur l’ensemble du territoire.


Contacts Press MNRA

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Florent COMBES, CRO, 01 53 21 11 86,

Elisabeth MARZAT, Press relation, 01 53 21 12 44,

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