Beyond Ratings' credit rating agency registration withdrawn

Paris - Jul 08 2019

Beyond Ratings' credit rating agency registration withdrawn

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has withdrawn the credit rating agency (CRA) registration of the French Beyond Ratings S.A.S.

The withdrawal decision follows the official notification to ESMA by Beyond Ratings on 31 May 2019 of its intention to renounce its registration under the conditions set out in Article 20(1)(a) of the CRA Regulation. ESMA confirms that Beyond Ratings has effectively stopped its rating activities.

Point (a) of Article 20(1) of the CRA Regulation provides that without prejudice to Article 24, ESMA shall withdraw the registration of a credit rating agency where the credit rating agency expressly renounces the registration or has provided no credit ratings for the preceding six months.

For more information, please visit ESMA's website.

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