Sustainable sovereigns: finding the new frontiers for ESG

Sep 05 2018

Sylvain Château, Co-founder and COO of Beyond Ratings, was interviewed on the opportunity of integrating energy and climate issues by the Financial Community for AGEFI. The following video interview was published by CityWire on July 27th, 2016.

The sovereign market is the next frontier for a major push in environmental, sustainable and governance (ESG) influenced investing but it is crucial to understand what investors are trying to measure and achieve.

That is according to Sylvain Château, who was speaking in Geneva at the latest investor meeting organised by the Investment Strategist’s Association of Geneva (ISAG).

In this video, the lead speaker co-founder and COO at Beyond Ratings talk to Citywire Switzerland about breaking into sustainable investing in the sovereign space.

He also explains the reason behind the rise in the appetite for sustainable financial products and reveals the strong links between a country’s GDP or credit rating and its approach to sustainability.

Find the video here.

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