Beyond Ratings' visual identity is awarded for Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2019

- Apr 24 2019

Beyond Ratings is proud to announce that we were awarded a prize for the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2019. Our award-winning visual identity is designed by Bearideas.

Stratégies has been organizing Grand Prix Stratégies du Design for over 30 years, with the support of Union des Annonceurs. This event aims to award each year the best achievements and campaigns in the field of design and the best creations of brand names: visual identity, packaging, product design, web design, publishing design, global brand design and others.

Our CEO Rodolphe BOCQUET and COO Sylvain CHÂTEAU attended the ceremony to have the prize on Wednesday, April 17th. 


As Stratégies says on the event web site, This identity is now driven by a renewed branding and represented by a strong promise: "Standards for positive finance".

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