Special Mention
International Award on Investor Climate-Related Disclosures

- Sep 05 2018

On October 28th, 2016, MNRA received special mention for the "Prix  international  du  meilleur  reporting  climatique  des  investisseurs" (International Award on Investor Climate-Related Disclosures). By leveraging analyses conducted by Beyond Ratings, MNRA was recognized for the high caliber of their investor climate report and the originality of their approach.

Beyond Ratings’ services were critical for MNRA to quickly develop a state-of-the-art sovereign analysis framework, both in terms of the alignment of investments with climate objectives, and the exposure of assets to climate risks.

Organized by the Office of the Commissioner General for Sustainable Development and the association 2° Investing Initiative, the prize was awarded at a ceremony chaired by Mrs. Ségolène Royal of the OECD, the Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea and President of COP21.

This project was part of the movement to mobilize actors in the financial market in the fight against climate change. It is also part of the French energy transition law for green growth (Article 173-VI). In 2016, Beyond Ratings helped French and foreign institutional investors manage more than 75 billion sovereign assets in assessing the energy and climate challenges of their investment portfolios.


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