Portfolio Analysis & Reporting

Assess your portfolio’s financial & ESG performance


We help our clients to better integrate new risk parameters embedded in energy, climate change, natural capital, environment, social and governance factors and thus, improve their internal processes and investment strategies as regards to ESG integration.

Measure and monitor your portfolio’s financial and ESG/climate performance. Benefit from our high-quality data & research to assess how your portfolio performs against your benchmarks

Key benefits

  • Benefit from a trusted

    • Over EUR370bn of investments measured since 2014 with major asset owners and asset managers in Europe and North America
    • Benefit from the support of our reactive team of analysts and experts
  • Understand and compare
    portfolio performance

    • Improve your analytical coverage, using new indicators that combine macro-financial performance and ESG indicators
    • Our methodologies provide cohesive metrics for multi-asset class portfolios
  • Improve your ESG/Climate
    Reporting internally and
    to external clients

    • Our award-winning methodologies are aligned with requirements of France’s Article 173 & TCFD Recommendations


BR Platform

Manage & identify opportunities within your investment
portfolio all in one place. Access our proprietary
data on credit risk, ESG, and climate,
and monitor your portfolio's exposure

Service features & coverage

Portfolio Analysis

  • Assess financial as well as ESG/climate performance: advanced scores available by country and corporate on credit risk, Environment Social Governance, carbon & climate, and more
  • Identify related risks and opportunities within your portfolio
  • Understand and monitor historical trends and potential evolution
  • Compare your portfolio’s performance with the benchmark of your choice


  • Standard and customized reporting options available
  • Accessible graphs and illustrations to highlight KPIs and trends



We provide data on an extended number of countries, issuers and corporates. Up to 180 countries are covered in our data feed solutions. For corporates, we provide data for more than 10,000 organizations.

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