ESG Performance of Economies

Country scores on ESG performance and assessment of ESG’s impact on country economic growth


Integrate the ESG factors that impact country economic growth.

Our exclusive aggregated Sustainable GDP indicator assesses the overall ESG performance of a country relative to its peers. It highlights how ESG factors contribute to the sustainable growth of a country.

Key benefits

  • More efficient ESG screening

    • Immediately focus on relevant ESG KPIs per country
    • Our statistical model offers flexibility to adapt to your priorities (exclusions, weighting on specific issues)


  • Optimize portfolio allocation

    • Specific insights on emerging countries can be leveraged to support portfolio yield enhancement and diversification
    • Monitor performance discrepancies between E, S, G and GDP as harbingers of upcoming market corrections


  • Enhance reporting impacts

    • Support communication between asset owners and managers through the analysis of ESG performance of Sovereign mandates 
    • Avoid the “ESG silo effect” with our proprietary financial metrics 


BR Platform

Manage & identify opportunities within your investment
portfolio all in one place. Access our proprietary
data on credit risk, ESG, and climate,
and monitor your portfolio's exposure

Service features & coverage

Access our data on our platform and read our comprehensive country reports.

For over 170 countries, our database covers the 229 ESG indicators and identifies the most relevant ESG factors with regards to economic performance. Our data is updated on an annual basis and goes back to 2000.

Scorecards are available for all countries & include analyses of ESG strengths & weaknesses along with the key impacting ESG factors and trends per country. Key charts assess absolute performance and comparison with peers. Possibility to customize with norm-based screening metrics.

Our methodology

The ESG Factor-IN is based on an econometric model, using PCA and PLS regressions to determine the materiality of 225 E, S and G factors.  As the ESG materiality of a specific indicator differs according to the level of economic development of countries, we have built 5 country groups, each using a dedicated model.  Each model identifies the most relevant ESG factors and evaluates country performance on these indicators relative to its peers. In the aggregation process to provide a unique sustainable GDP indicator, the relative weighting of each indicator reflects its impact on the economic growth of a country over the last 15 years.

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