Data Feeds

Integrate our proprietary data sets on credit risk, ESG, carbon & climate
within your systems through our flexible data feed solutions


Our data feed solutions have been designed to offer our clients the most flexible data packages to add Beyond Ratings exclusive & augmented indicators, bridging the gap between macro-financial and ESG data.

Key benefits

  • Integrate a unique combination of financial & ESG data

    • Add a new exclusive set of data directly into your systems
    • Rely on robust data and indicators, from our high-quality data management process
    • Improve your analytical coverage, using new indicators that combine macro-financial performance and ESG indicators


  • Build data feeds that meet your investment universe

    • Customize your datafeed to match with your investment universe
    • Benefit from the support of our reactive team of analysts and experts


BR Platform

Manage & identify opportunities within your investment
portfolio all in one place. Access our proprietary
data on credit risk, ESG, and climate,
and monitor your portfolio's exposure

Service features & coverage


Data, scores, and ratings on augmented credit risk, carbon/climate, 2° alignment, ESG, updated on a quarterly and annual basis with history from 2000.


Data, scores, and ratings on carbon, ESG, climate trajectories, updated on a quarterly and annual basis and with history from 2007

High flexibility to define a data feed that matches your investment universe and your area of interest.

We provide data on an extended number of countries, issuers and corporates. Up to 180 countries are covered in our data feed solutions. For corporates, we provide data for more than 10,000 organizations.

Technical aspects

Content perimeter

Specific data sets to best cover client’s investment universe, built from data points from our different research products, packaged to your customized needs.


from annual to monthly, depending on client’s objective and data update frequency



Data format

csv, txt, xml

Case study

With a leading European bank, we co-designed, built, calculated and tested 14 ESG-equity indexes. Beyond Ratings provided expertise and the adapted data package to produce these indexes. Quarterly updates are delivered by SFTP to our partner

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