Climate Objectives Alignment

Dynamic assessment of carbon intensity, climate alignment and ESG performance of equity and fixed income portfolios


Assess, monitor and benchmark the carbon exposure of your equity and fixed income portfolios 

For a wide coverage of countries and corporates, we provide exclusive metrics on carbon intensity and forward-looking trends that facilitate portfolio allocation towards sustainable performance.

Key benefits

  •  Benefit from a trusted provider

    • Over EUR370bn of investments measured since 2014
    • Our methodologies provide cohesive metrics for multi-asset class portfolios


  • Demonstrate alignment with international standards

    • Our methodologies are aligned with requirements of France‚Äôs Article 173 & TCFD Recommendations


  •  Go further: integrate advanced carbon metrics to improve investment strategies

    • Understand the dynamics of carbon intensity by country
    • Use our advanced analytical features to identify new investment opportunities


BR Platform

Manage & identify opportunities within your investment
portfolio all in one place. Access our proprietary
data on credit risk, ESG, and climate,
and monitor your portfolio's exposure

Service features & coverage

Access our data on our platform and/or benefit from our customizable reporting options. Our database includes relevant carbon indicators for 170 countries and covers more than 10,000 corporates (Scope 1 & 2, Scope 3 for auto sector). Advanced proprietary KPIs include: brown proxy, green proxy, portfolio temperature, avoided emissions. 

We offer carbon footprint reporting of sovereign, corporate, and multi-asset class portfolios (standard or customized option available). This includes key charts to assess absolute and relative performance, along with assessments of carbon performance evolution over time, climate trajectory analysis (including trajectory to 2050).

Our methodology

We have designed a unique methodology to assess the performance of investment portfolios as regards to climate exposure. This methodology is based on a series of exclusive metrics on carbon footprint, energy transition, and physical climate risks available for more than 170 countries and 10,000 corporates. We provide both a historical performance review and a forward-looking dynamic of climate vulnerability and resilience. Our analysis includes advanced metrics to understand how country carbon dynamics are intertwined and potential impacts on portfolios.

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